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Sponsored Artist of the Month - Paul Davies - 8oz Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink

Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for October goes to an incredible tattoo artist, Paul Davies, better known as @paulokink on his Instagram page.   Paul is one of the more recent artists to join the Magnum team, and we're huge fans of his brilliant work.

Paul originally studied Fine Art at University, but quickly fell into tattooing.  In 2009 he started doing hand poked tattooing in a variety of styles, then began focusing on geometric designs, merging them with other styles he'd enjoyed in his earlier career.  Four years ago, craving a more relaxed lifestyle Paul moved to the beautiful village of Kingsbridge, Devon, where he worked with Dris Donnelly.  In November 2017 he took over the studio and changed the name to Ragnarok because of his love of Norse mythology.  

Paul has now refined his technique working with only black ink and a limited needle selection.  A fan of 8oz Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink, Paul's work is always dark, precise, and intricate.  Paul was diagnosed with Autism a few years ago which he believes is definitely a help rather than a hindrance in tattooing, allowing deep focus for long periods of time, also possibly explaining his love of patterns and structure.  

Paul is an extremely talented artist, and we're very grateful to have him on the Magnum Tattoo Supplies sponsored artist team.  Check out his amazing work right here..

First up, a gorgeous Disney themed mash-up piece, featuring Snow White, and Elsa from Frozen.  It's great how Paul manages to marry geometric designs and Disney. 

A wonderful neo-traditional style lady-head and wolf piece, done in a geometric blackwork style. We love how Paul incorporates negative space and geometric patterns into the main subject of his work, whether it be an animal, or face.

Again, incorporating another style into his typical geometric method, Paul has created a stunning Japanese-themed tattoo.

An extremely intricate Gorilla head.  This design is so detailed and meticulous, and we love the dotwork here. 

A gorgeous sleeve, featuring a beautiful panda, and a series of wonderfully detailed patterns.  This must have taken such a long time, but it's definitely worth it!

Paul has created some amazing back-pieces, and again, the intricacy in them is just phenomenal.  He recently finished this Jason and the Argonauts tattoo, and we're seriously blown away by the amount of detail in this incredible piece.  

Another marvellous back-piece done by Paul.  We love seeing the large-scale work that he produces, and we're sure his customers do too! 

His eye for detail is incredible , and putting such a big piece together with a large variety of patterns and shapes really reflects on Paul's wonderful artistic talent.  
We hope you've enjoyed admiring Paul's work just as much as we have!  Make sure you give him a follow on Instagram - @paulokink to see even more of his beautiful tattoos, and keep up to date with any tattoo conventions he may be planning in the future.  Don't forget, if you're a fan of blackwork tattoos and enjoy creating geometric designs, why not check out our website where you can purchase 8oz Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink?

Love Toni

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