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Beautiful Vegan-inspired Tattoos | Spirit Vegan Transfer Cream

Over the past coupe of years, there's been a significant rise in the number of people choosing veganism and opting for a plant-based cruelty free diet.  This also means ridding themselves of any animal products such as leather and suede, and turning away from any cosmetic products that are tested on animals.  Veganism is now bigger than ever before, and it seems that the tattoo industry has a lot to be credited for when it comes to the increasing number of people choosing veganism. 
There are a lot of vegan tattoo artists out there who spread the word via their Instagram outlets, which is a great platform for sharing tips on vegan recipes, and offering advice on making the transition to veganism.  Naturally, with the rise of veganism all over the world, and in the tattoo industry, a lot of tattoo fans have opted to honour their veganism with some beautiful vegan-inspired tattoos. 
Tattoo artists promoting a vegan lifestyle are able to get hold of a number of vegan products including lots of tattoo inks, stencil transfer products, process butters, and much more. You can find a lot of vegan friendly products over on our website where we sell Spirit Vegan Transfer Cream, a certified vegan stencil transfer cream that offers brilliant results. 
We've spotted some incredible vegan-inspired tattoos that convey a strong message, and look great, so make sure you check them out here!
Done by our incredibly talented Sponsored Artist Paula Castle, this is a really beautiful piece. 
We're huge fans of Sebastian Domaschke's work, and this tattoo conveys a strong message: 'Animal Liberation, Abolish Exploitation'. 
From the wonderfully talented Avalon Todaro who's known for her traditional vegan-inspired tattoos, 'Not your mum, not your milk'.  A lovely tattoo. 
'V' for Vegan.  Done by Anrijs Straume.  Anrijs is a huge advocate in the vegan community, and his wife Irena 'Monami Frost' has recently released her own vegan cookbook which features some amazing vegan recipes!
Another gorgeous piece from Avalon: 'Friends not food'.  Not one to shy away from black and grey work, Avalon frequently creates vegan tattoos, and her Instagram page often features appearances from her beloved rescue chickens! 
We love anything by Edek.  One from a few years ago:  An animal rights advocate rescuing a pig.  
Another adorable piece from Avalon Todaro.  We really love this one. 
So there you have it, a selection of beautiful vegan-inspired tattoos done by some incredible artists.  If you have a vegan-inspired tattoo, or if you enjoy creating similar tattoos then we'd love to hear from you and check out your work, so make sure you leave us a comment below.  If you're looking for some vegan-friendly products then don't forget to check out our online store, where you can get hold of Spirit Vegan Transfer Cream, and other great Spirit Vegan products. 


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  • Antonia McLoughlin