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Brilliant Big Mouth Tattoos | Buy Tattoo Supplies Online

One of the most controversial and hilarious offerings that Netflix has bestowed on us in recent months, is the satirical cartoon (that is most definitely aimed at adults), 'Big Mouth'.  Big Mouth explores the hardships of puberty and the nightmare of navigating through high school as a pubescent teen going through the hellish changes that we all experience in our lives!  The show focuses on a group of friends, who each have their own, dare we say it - messed up guardian angel style fairy godmother in the form of Hormone Monsters who for better or worse, accompanies them on their journey through puberty.

Starring Nick Kroll, and a host of other voice overs, the show has been a huge hit with Netflix viewers, and has gained a bit of a cult following.  So, we're really not suprised to see a whole host of Big Mouth themed tattoos surfacing in the distance! 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy tattoo supplies online, we are loving these hilariously funny tattoos of Hormone Monsters and Monstresses alike, so if you're a fan of Big Mouth (which we're sure you will be, because it's hilarious!), then we're sure you'll be a fan of these brilliant Big Mouth themed tattoos.  Check them out! 


First up, the gruesome twosome themselves, the Hormone Monster, and the Hormone Monstress.  These much loved characters are controversial in their approach to offering advise to their teenage counterparts, and they're also hormone-fueled and sex mad, but they're brilliant. Done by Juan Carlos Arriagada Palma.


Done by the incredibly talented Michela Bottin, the Hormone Monster looks like he's up to his usual tricks here! 


Another amazing Hormone Monster piece, done by Stickypop, who excels at any kind of cartoon style work!  The Hormone Monster is definitely one of the most popular characters. 


The Hormone Monstress is also a much loved character, and we love how sassy and headstrong she is!  Always there for you (whether you need her or not), she's a brilliant character, and Charlotte Ann Harris's tattoo of her is insane.


Another beloved character, Coach Steve.  He's definitely a personal favourite of ours, and we've been rooting for him throughout the series!  An innocent and naive teacher who is also navigating through his own issues, Coach Steve is a great addition to a hilarious show. 



We LOVE this sketchy style tattoo of the Hormone Monster done by Toni Lincoln.  It's a really cool style, and it's great to see this character portrayed in a different way.  Lovely work!


So there you have it!  Tattoos that are perfect for all of you Big Mouth fans out there.  We can't wait for a new season to be released, and too see how the teenagers are getting on with their inevitable and embarrassing journey through puberty (we've all been there!).  Don't forget that you can buy tattoo supplies online over at our website where we stock a big range of tattoo supplies from tonnes of popular brands, perfect for all of your tattoo needs!



Love Toni

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