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Cool Capricorn Tattoos for December | 14" Spirit Thermal Carbon Transfer Paper


Last month we looked at Sagittarius Tattoos, as many Saggitarians celebrated their birthdays in November.  Although the star sign for December is also Sagittarius for a short while, as of the 22nd December until the 19th January, it's all about Capricorns!

The Capricorn symbol is a horned goat, which features a rather interesting fishtail.  It's a particularly cool symbol to have as a star sign, because it's often represented as a Baphomet style creature when it comes to tattoos - which is of course a popular subject matter for tattoos in itself. 

Capricorns are typically very hard working people, who are very passionate and strong willed.  Goats go to any lengths to climb high mountains, and they certainly don't give up easily, and the same can be said for Capricorns when it comes to achieving their goals.  Sometimes though, they can be a little bit too strong willed at times, which in turn makes them very stubborn people, but who said that standing your ground is a bad thing?

When it comes to Capricorn tattoos, the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to have the full body shape of the fishtailed goat tattooed on you, or just a symmetrical style goat face, a Capricon 'glyph', or the star constellation for Capricorn itself, there are so many ways in which you can represent this beautiful zodiac sign.  

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where we now stock 14" Spirit Thermal Carbon Transfer Paper, we're huge fans of all things tattoos, and we wanted to showcase some incredible Capricorn themed tattoos that we've came across this December. Why not check them out?

First up, this neo-traditional style Capricorn tattoo is represented beautifully.  We love that the goat's full body including his mysterious fishtail is shown here.  The artist has done an incredible job here. 

Done by the insanely talented Frank Carrilho this goat head tattoo has been created in Frank's uniquely beautiful blackwork style.  

Another great blackwork piece.  This Capricorn style tattoo is definitely more Baphomet than goat. The detail in this piece is so intricate.  We love it. 

A tiny little Capricorn constellation. Capricorn tattoos don't just have to be represented by large scale goats.  They can be cute and intricate, just like this gorgeous constellation tattoo. 

A wonderful Capricorn glyph.  The symbol of this interesting star sign.  It's bold and simple, and is a lovely and discreet way to show off your zodiac symbol. 

A stunning Capricorn tattoo featuring the traditional fishtailed goat, gazing up at Saturn.  The dotwork and etched effect here is a really lovely touch.  Kudos to the tattoo artist that created this piece!

Lastly, a rather traditional Bamphomet style goat head. These are a really popular way to represent the goat, and we think the artist has done an amazing job of this old school piece. 

We hope you've enjoyed looking at these cool Capricorn themed tattoos. If you're going to be creating any large scale goat tattoos, (or any large scale tattoos for that matter), then why not head over to our website where we've recently began stocking 14" Spirit Thermal Carbon Transfer Paper - which is the perfect size for large scale tattoos. 
Love Toni

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  • Antonia McLoughlin