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Ever had a tattoo that you've later come to regret?  I know I certainly have, and thankfully my brilliant tattoo artist was able to sort it out for me.  As I've discussed in previous posts, I have a couple more that I'd like to get rid of, however after chatting with my tattoo artist about this, he's insisted that laser is the only way, due to the size of the tattoo, and depth of the colours (unless I wanted to completely black out my feet, which didn't seem too appealing to me!)

For many, cover up tattoos are the go-to solution for when they have a tattoo that they deeply regret.  For some, it's not so much that they regret the tattoo - the content might be cool, but the composition may be letting it down, and covering it up with a new and improved piece is a great option. 

A good tattoo artist will always discuss the ways in which they can cover your unwanted tattoo.  The new design may be a little bigger than you first anticipated as the artist will need to be able to completely cover the unwanted tattoo to the point where it's not visible through the new tattoo, and the area in question will quite often need to be pretty dark.  It's important to trust what your tattoo artist tells you about the potential cover up (even if it's not necessarily what you had envisioned in your mind), and respect the fact that they may decide that a cover up isn't always a viable option, in which case you may want to resort to laser. 

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, Tattoo Ink Colour Sets Supplier UK, we know just how important it is to tattoo artists that every tattoo they create is to the best of their ability, cover up or not! So, let's take a look at some excellent cover up tattoos, made by some fantastic tattoo artists!


First one - a colourful space-themed piece by Stive Kranium. This is an astounding cover up, and I think it often helps when lots of new colour is involved, as it completely distracts from any linework and colour underneath, and the multicoloured galaxy effect in the background is a great idea too, as block colours aren't needed to hide the previous ink used.  Excellent work. 

I really like this one, and I love the fact that the artist and customer have stuck with the previous nautical theme.  In-keeping with the old design is quite often a popular choice for those with cover up tattoos.  The content in the first piece was great, but the execution just wasn't spot on, and the new piece completely hides any trace of the previous work.

An absolutely incredible piece from Mr Lucky Tattoo. Covering what looks like a really old tattoo with a big, intricate design in a completely different style is a great way to get rid of an old unwanted tattoo. 

Who says all cover ups have to be huge?  Not strictly a cover up, but more of an improvement piece on the previous tattoo.  Adding the extra detail and new leaves makes all the difference here, and just goes to show that a full on cover up isn't always the only option.



I absolutely love this Jigsaw piece from Amy Edwards.  I love the Saw franchise, and Amy is such a talented artist, so the customer did well to come away with such a stunning piece.  It looks like a little wolf tattoo was there previously, not that you'd know from looking at the finished cover up!

Last but not least, this awesome skull piece completely hides the tribal piece underneath it.  There's no way you'd be able to tell that the skull piece was a cover up, and the artists has executed this design really well over the old tattoo. 


We're always really interested to see the work that our customers create, and it'd be great to see some cover up tattoos that you guys have done.  Feel free to drop us a message in the comment section!  As a Tattoo Ink Colour Sets Supplier UK, we stock a huge range of tattoo ink brands from the most popular brands, so don't forget to check these out at our online store, where you'll find great deals on the most sought after tattoo products!


Love Toni... 


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