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Life Lessons you can learn from People with Tattoo


Up until today, there are still some people who find tattoos terrible and unattractive. Others think people with tattoo will never have a successful life or career. What these people don’t know is that even though tattooed people are often being misjudged there are lots of life lessons we can learn from people with tattoos.

See what’s beyond a person’s physical appearance

This may be a cliché but people with tattoos can definitely relate to this. Not everyone who has tattoo are gang members, or ex-cons. If you just try to see beneath what you see outside, you will realise that people with tattoos are just like everybody else, except that they are more colourful. Having a tattoo or being friends with people with tattoo teaches you that appearance is insignificant. Don’t miss out the chance to meet amazing people just because of how they look.

Your happiness should not depend on other people’s standards

The fact that there are people who still can’t appreciate tattoos, simply means that not everyone is going to like your tattoo. But who cares right? As long as you love it, it makes you happy, and it makes you feel good other people’s opinion should not matter. Do what you love, and keep spreading positivity.

There’s a rainbow always after the “pain”

Anyone with a tattoo can attest to this. Pain is definitely temporary. But once the pain is over you’ll see and understand that all the pain you went through was worth it. The same goes with life, sometimes you need to make sacrifices to achieve greater things.

Accept and be proud of who you are even though others can’t

Embrace your individuality and uniqueness. Don’t expect everyone to understand and accept you. It’s totally okay to be yourself. Nothing is more painful and sad than trying to be someone you’re not just because someone wants you to. Once you accept and love who you truly are, you will be more confident and realise that other’s opinions and judgement don’t matter.

Don’t be afraid to take risks

Getting a tattoo is one hell of a risk, it’s scary, and painful. But nothing is more painful in life than having regrets. Face your fears and don’t be afraid to take risks. If you fail, just stand up and carry on. As the saying goes, “a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

Not everything has to have a deeper meaning

Some people get tattoos because of a significant event in their lives. Others get a tattoo just because they want to. And to be honest, nothing is wrong with that. There are things in life that exist just because, you should keep in mind that not everything needs a universal purpose. Don’t judge someone based on what you think their purpose is.

Money can’t buy experience

One of the most common questions tattooed people get is “How much did that cost?”. Getting a tattoo isn’t cheap, but what does it matter? There are things in life that can’t be defined by money. The fulfillment, experience, and the way you felt right at that moment is priceless.

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  • Matthew Nelson