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MTS Blog — tattoo art


Tattooing Is Back! Check Out These Post-lockdown Tattoos - Purchase Face Masks Online 0

Tattooing was on hold for quite some time, but on Monday 13th July, tattoo studios were given the go-ahead to open their doors to customers for the first time in months.  Following the unexpected government announcement just days before, tattoo artists were relieved to hear that they could get back to work.

Temporary Tattoos - For those who don't want to take the plunge just yet | Fake Tattoo Sleeves 0

Temporary tattoos can be super fun.  The first time you probably encountered one was in the form of a prize from a gumball vending machine (one of those really old ones where you put a 20p piece in, twist the big metal dial and a plastic pod containing a sweet and a temporary tattoo cut out was waiting for you). 

50 Shades of Grey or 50 Different Shades Entirely? | Tattoo Ink Suppliers 0

The art of tattooing has evolved in many ways over the centuries, one of those evolutions was the use of colour! While colour tattoos have been around for a long time the way that colour has been used in tattoos across different cultures has undoubtedly changed, this becomes evident when you see the sheer diversity of styles and techniques that have surfaced over the last couple of generations. In fact, the use of colour has been so revolutionary that my mum, who was never lets say a ‘fan’ of tattoos, saw my colour tattoos and was so shocked by what was able to be achieved with the use of colour nowadays that she went and got a tattoo herself! It really is amazing what tattoo artists have accomplished in the realm of colour tattoos, but does that mean they are better? As tattoo ink suppliers it’s something we are interested in finding out.