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Tattoo Brands throughout History


For the past decades, cultures from around the world have been practicing the art of tattooing in different ways. Some do it to honor highlights they have experienced in their lives, some do it to commemorate a loved who has passed away, some use it to indicate a certain position in the society, while some use it as a penalty for doing something that is against their culture, traditions, or beliefs. Techniques in making tattoo pigments used to be primeval. Our ancestors used to mix mashed flowers, mud, and other substances found in nature. They then inject it to their body without putting in mind the risks they are putting themselves into.

Despite of becoming more and more ordinary in the past three decades, the process of creating tattoo inks has been modified and is constantly being improved and perfected. Tattoo ink manufacturers in the modern era have been thinking on how to make inks that are organic, non-toxic and even vegan-friendly. They are also trying to figure out how to reduce the risks it brings by sterilising and testing the tattoo ink for a wider range of bacteria and other microorganisms that may cause complications before releasing it to the market.

Before Mario Barth, Intenze tattoo ink founder, decided on sterilising his products, he used to be one of the few who have dedicated their lives to produce inks with better quality. But now, there are already a lot of people who make high quality tattoo inks. It already came to the point where tattoo inks were harder to distinguish from one another. You might think that every manufacturer producing tattoo inks has established their own name, and that they can now produce different shades of every color that we know. But, how do you differentiate tattoo inks based on quality and safety? Here are two tattoo ink brands that have remained strong throughout the years.

• Alla Prima Ink. Cofounded by John Montgomery and Joshua Carlton. Alla Prima Ink has been delivering tattoo products with superior quality to the tattoo industry. With their 40+ years of experience, they understand that the technique of each competitor is to publicise their own brand, so they strive hard to constantly deliver one attractive and eye-catching tattoo products after another. Alla Prima Ink is one of the few companies that manufacture safe tattoo inks. Alla Prima Ink is a stable pigment-based ink. What makes this tattoo ink perfect is the thickness of inks that traditional tattoo artists like to use. Alla Prima Ink is safe because they are acrylic-free and solvent free. Also, they are free from PET plastic.

• Eternal Ink. This tattoo ink, founded by Terry “Tramp” Welker or Eternal Tattoo Supply, has been around since the 1980s. The focus of Eternal Ink has always been focused towards tattoo artists. Their main goal is to constantly look for better ways that will help and support tattoo artists in creating supreme and lifelong designs. As the years go by, the brand started to release a variety of tattoo supplies, including latex gloves, stencil and art supplies, tattoo needles, tubes and grips. Eternal Ink offers high-quality tattoo supplies worldwide and for reasonable prices. It is water-based, non-toxic and glycerol-free. Eternal Inks flow smoothly and scatters uniformly. These inks are ready-to-use.

There are a lot of high quality tattoos you can find online. Visit our product page to check out other superior quality tattoo inks.

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  • Matthew Nelson