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10 Pokémon Tattoos we are in Love with! | Tattoo Ink Colour Sets Supplier


Pokémon is a beloved franchise, the recent success of Pokémon go has not only created a whole new generation of Pokémon lovers but it also ignited the nostalgia in all of us that have loved it since childhood. Some people are so dedicated to Pokémon that they have gotten tattoos of their favourite Pokémon, myself included. I saw a lot of great Pokémon tattoos in my video game tattoo post but really felt they deserved their own list! As a tattoo ink colour sets supplier we are excited as it's about to get colourful!


This Charizard tattoo is really well done in my opinion, the shading is on point and like what the artist has done with the flame, it looks cartoonish but still epic. The pose as well looks like is in mid battle!


This Haunter is a total mix of cute and creepy. It's so colourful and playful but with the cobwebs and the bones, you can tell it's one of the darker Pokémon, one of the more underrated Pokémon in my opinion.


This Machamp is so crisp and I am loving it, the artist has gotten the comic style shading of Pokémon to a tee. I remember Machamp was the first shiny Pokémon card I got and I was so proud! Of course, I know today that it was quite a common card...


Of course, we couldn't leave the mascot of the Pokémon universe out of our list! I particularly liked this one because it's kind of an abstract style that the artist has achieved, I mean come on they look like real brush strokes!


Well, this tattoo ink colour sets supplier hasn't been disappointed by the variety of colour used in these tattoos yet! It's our favourite road block (seriously, did anyone else get stuck as long as I did trying to find the flute?). This tattoo is super colourful though and super cute!


I love this Chansey tattoo! Chansey was one of my less liked Pokémon but this tattoo might just win me over, the use of colour and the Pokéball on the bow, perfection! I love the way that the artist has incorporated elements of a traditional tattoo with the frame too!

Pixel Gen 1

This tattoo pretty much encapsulates my childhood experience of Pokémon, so much nostalgia from a bit of ink injected into the skin! These four Pokémon are probably the most memorable out there, they are how we all started our journey in Pallet Town!


This tattoo is just genius! In this single image, we are given a taste of all the Eeveelutions and I absolutely love it! Coming out of the Pokéball we are given a glimpse of all of Eevee's different evolutions! Who was your favourite? Mine was Vaporeon!


This is just an incredible tattoo of Mewtwo here, I love everything about it and it perfectly encapsulates the legendary Pokémon! You can see how powerful he is in the energy of the art work. I still remember crying at the first Pokémon film, am I the only one?


And now we have come to the best one on the list - mine! I got this tattoo of Cubone a while ago as he was absolutely my favourite Pokémon and still is to this day! I thought I'd include it in this list because I'm kind of a narcissist like that...

What do you think then? Who was your favourite Pokémon? Did you get a tattoo of them? Let us know! I know that there are so many great Pokémon tattoos out there but there are like over 700 Pokémon now and I can't include them all unfortunately plus I'm totally bias towards Gen 1, don't know if you noticed! Remember if you are a tattoo artist looking for a tattoo ink colour sets supplier then that's us and you can find them in our store!

Love Katy...






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  • Katy Jackson