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Amazing Anime Tattoos | Buy VIP Disposable Tubes

A tattoo theme that seems to be extremely popular for many people, is Anime.  Anime first originated in Japan, and is still most commonly associated with Japan today.  It's a cartoon style of animation that's popular with both children and adults, and derives from the Japanese word 'animation'. 

From Pokemon to Naruto, to Sailor Moon, whether you realise it or not, we're sure you'll have encountered some form of anime in your life.  There's even a Japanese version of the Powerpuff Girls! 

For some die-hard Anime fans, their tattoos of anime characters have a lot of depth and meaning to them, as they can really relate to their favourite characters.  For others, it's just a playful reminder of their youth (and adoration of a beloved Pokemon character!).  Japanese anime often has really powerful imagery and the messages in the cartoons can be really mature and evocative, so it's a serious deal for a lot of people, and what better way to show your appreciation for this than to get it tattooed on you?
At Magnum Tattoo Supplies where you can buy VIP Disposable Tubes online, we love all things tattoos, and we wanted to showcase some of the brilliant anima-themed tattoos we've came across.  Check them out! 

First up, a breathtaking Princess Mononoke piece from the incredibly talented Andrew Douglas.  We absolutely love this one, it's great to see some other characters incorporated around the main piece.  Studio Ghibli is huge in Japan, and Princess Mononoke does not disappoint. 

Anime refers to any animated series or film, so it's not just cartoons produced in Japan that fit the typical anime style.  A huge TV series, and a brilliant tattoo of Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls, done by Pika Cool Cool.

One of the most popular anime series around.  Pokemon became even bigger after hitting the screens in the US and UK, and we're sure everyone can remember having at least one favourite character at the time!  Coincidentally, Vulpix and Ninteails were actually personal favourites! Done by the super-talented Nikkirex. 

Done by the insanely talented Simon K Bell, this Hisoka portrait is just superb.  One of the best Hunter x Hunter tattoos we've seen. 

Konan, from the anime and manga series Naruto.  This piece is flawless, done by Chris Mesi.  

We absolutely LOVE these tattoos done by Steph Newton.  A series of anime characters captured in a polaroid picture.  We think they're amazing! 

The world of anime is vast and never-ending, so the tattoo possibilities are endless.  These are just a snippet of some of the incredible pieces that we've come across, and we're really keen to see more!  If you have a penchant for anime tattoos, then why not get in touch in the comment section below so we can feature your work in our blog?  Don't forget, if you're after some great quality disposable tubes, then make sure you check out our online store where you can buy VIP Disposable Tubes. 





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