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Antibacterial Tattoo Soap and other Tattoo After-Care tips


The process of getting a tattoo doesn’t end with you leaving the tattoo shop. It will take few more days before you see the final outcome. When your tattoo has fully healed, that’s when you can finally say it’s finished. To give you an idea on your tattoo’s healing process, I’ve made a list of the different what to expect, what to avoid, and what to do while your tattoo is healing.

Once your tattoo is finished, the tattoo becomes an open wound. It will be washed and bandaged by your artist to prevent infection and bacteria. Some artists recommend that you keep your tattoo covered for 24 hours, some will recommend that you remove the bandage immediately once you get home. I prefer to remove the bandage immediately once I get home, to let it breathe and to avoid the bandage sticking to the wound.

The pain, and healing process will depend on your tattoo. Tattoos that are bigger in size take more time to heal and are more painful. Some even get fevers. When it becomes too painful for you to bear, you can take a pain reliever. It’s normal for the tattooed area to become reddish and a bit swollen.

You can take a bath even if your tattoo hasn’t fully healed. Just make sure to use an antibacterial tattoo soap, avoid scrubbing, and wash it as gentle as possible. Ask your tattoo artist if they have an antibacterial tattoo soap brand they recommend. It is not advisable to soak in a bath tub while your tattoo is still in its healing process. Soaking in a tub, or swimming in pools, or the sea might cause infections to your tattoo, and that’s the last thing you want to have. Wash your tattoo twice a day with the antibacterial tattoo soap.

The tattooed area will start to become dry and form scabs as it heals. When this happens, it will start to itch. Make sure you do not scratch or peel your tattoo or else, it will have white spots when it’s fully healed. You can moisturize your tattoo by applying a lotion recommended by your artist. You should also avoid being exposed to direct sunlight because it can cause your tattoo to fade. Since your skin is still healing and recovering, expect it to be very sensitive, exposing it to sunlight can cause burning, and other irritations. The scabs will peel and fall off on its own. You will notice that your tattoo won’t be as sharp and vibrant as it was before it peeled. It is perfectly normal. The colour will improve once the tattoo is fully healed.

The healing process might take three to four weeks. During this period, it is important to observe your skin and your tattoo very well. If you notice anything that was not mentioned here, it’s best that you contact your tattoo artist right away. He can give you advise on how to care for a tattoo that has been infected.

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  • Matthew Nelson