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Eternal Tattoo Ink


Despite the risks of getting a tattoo , there are still a number of people who take pleasure in the beauty and aesthetics of it. Most of us know that using unsterilised needle for piercing or wounding yourself is a big risk for our health. Using unsterilised needle can pass infectious disease such as hepatitis and HIV. Another thing is that using these types of needles can increase the risk of getting allergies and other health complications from colored tattoo ink. Some of the complications include carcinoma, cement dermatitis, collagen deposits, granuloma, lichenoid diseases and many others. Before you get your first tattoo, think as much as you can first. Research articles and read some books about tattoos, inks and the other consequences might face. Getting informed about tattoos, inks, needles, and other tattoo-related stuff will help you understand it better. 

Don't worry! Since the art of tattooing have become too mainstream and a lot of people appreciate the art of getting tattoos, the issues and concerns I have mentioned  above are already being taken care of. Tattoo ink manufacturers and tattoo artists are making their efforts to develop and produce a better tattoo ink quality that lessens the said risks. Because of this, there are different types of ink available in the market. Thanks to these people, ink manufacturers have discovered making tattoo inks using organic and vegan ingredients.

If you're considering on getting a tattoo you might want to look for the following ingredients to make sure your tattoo artist is using a non-toxic ink:

  • Aluminum, Copper, Sodium – generates blue dye
  • Carbazole and Dioxazine – generates purple ink
  • Carbon and Logwood – used for generating blank ink
  • Monoazo – generates green ink; it is a carbon-based pigment used in cosmetics as a coloring in cosmetics
  • Naphthol – generates red ink
  • Titanium Dioxide – used for generating white ink
  • Turmeric – an herb that generates yellow ink

Aside from the ingredients mentioned above, non-toxic inks also include purified water, ethanol and vegetable-based glycerine as main ingredients.

One of the leading brands that are proven to be non-toxic is the Eternal Tattoo Ink. Their inks are composed of organic pigments. In addition to that, Eternal Tattoo Ink is also free from any animal by-products. This is a great advantage for our vegan friends out there who are really dying to get themselves a tattoo! Just do some research and find a tattoo artist who use Eternal Ink and not just some normal low-class tattoo ink. Tattoo Artists who use non-toxic inks are artists who not only love their craft but also worry about their client's safety. Read reviews, research and choose the perfect tattoo artist and tattoo parlour for you. Do not hesitate to ask questions. You can even ask them to do a patch test prior to getting inked, this way you will be able to test if you will get any allergic reaction from the tattoo ink they will be using.

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  • Matthew Nelson