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Sponsored Artist of the Month - Alan Hindes - True Gent Needle Cartridges


Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for June goes to an incredibly talented individual whose work is truly exceptional.  This person has been on our team of sponsored artists for a good couple of years now, and he never fails to astound us with his amazing work. This month, we’re celebrating the work of Alan Hindes. 

Alan works from Tatt House, Belfast alongside a team of very strong tattooers.   His work is consistently clean and smooth and, he has gained a big following of those who admire his work.  His preferred style is black and grey realism, (with the occasional splash of colour!).  Alan’s favourite artists are Dmitriy Samohin, Steve Butcher, Angelique Grimm, and Karol Rybakowski, and he feels inspired by their work to push himself even harder. 

Alan has won a string of awards from various tattoo conventions including Titanic Convention, Maiden City Convention, and Northern Ireland Tattoo Convention. His awards include best black and grey tattoo, best sleeve, most realistic tattoo, and best of day (to name a few!).  As well as being an extremely talented tattoo artist, Alan is also the founder and creator of Platinum Tattoo Aftercare which is a big hit with his clients. He's big fan of the True Gent Needle Cartridges and uses them for all of his tattoos.

Check out some of Alan's incredible work right here!...

First up, a stunning howling wolf piece by Alan.  The negative space here is a great effect.

We love This Native American style piece. This kind of theme is quite common in Alan’s work. It’s extremely popular with his customers and we can see why! 

Another head piece tattoo, featuring a beautiful owl. It’s great to see the solitary splash of colour in Alan’s work which really makes it stand out.

A gorgeous tiger piece by Alan. 

Part of a lovely Day of the Dead inspired piece of work. Simply stunning.

This one is a personal favourite of ours. One of Alan’s more recent tattoos- a brilliant leopard piece. 

If you’d like to see more of Alan’s incredible work then make sure you check out his instagram page @alanhindes  where you can see his tattoos and keep up to date with Alan’s convention schedule. 

  He also posts regularly on his Facebook page: Tattoos by Alan Hindes, so make sure you give him a follow! If you’re interested in trying the True Gent Needle Cartridges then head over to our web store where you’ll find an excellent range of the most sought after tattoo supplies.

Love Toni 

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