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MTS Blog — true gent cartridges


An interview with tattoo artist Craig Startin | Buy True Gent Cartridges online 0

This week, we caught up with tattoo artist Craig Startin, owner of Big Will's Tattoo Studio in Lichfield to find out what he’s been up to in the world of tattooing. Craig has been on our sponsored artist team for around a year now, and we can’t get enough of his incredible realism work, so we wanted to dig a little deeper to find out more about Craig’s life as an artist, and see what he has planned for 2020.

Dark and Beautiful Tattoos by Adam Link | Buy True Gent Cartridges online 0

This month we're taking a look at some of the incredibly dark neo-traditional tattoos done by our Pro-team member Adam Link.  Adam's work consists largely of some super cool horror-themed neo-traditional girl heads, animals, and skulls.  All of which have some really chilling and dark elements to them, which when coupled with his eye-catching neo-trad style look really awesome and unique.  His work is really recognisable, with a macabre yet beautiful aesthetic to it, which is why he's one of our favourite artists out there. 

Sponsored Artist of the Month - Alan Hindes - True Gent Needle Cartridges 0

Our Sponsored Artist of the Month for June goes to an incredibly talented individual whose work is truly exceptional.  This person has been on our team of sponsored artists for a good couple of years now, and he never fails to astound us with his amazing work. This month, we’re celebrating the work of Alan Hindes.

Incredible Sports Stars Tattoos! | Buy True Gent Cartridges Online 0

At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, where you can buy True Gent Cartridges online, we absolutely love seeing the work of super-talented tattoo artists and keeping up with the latest tattoo trends.  A really popular tattoo subject at the moment is sports stars. 

8 Fabulous Pet Portraits! | True Gent Cartridge Supplier 0

A tattoo trend that I'm absolutely crazy about is Pet Portraits! As a lover of animals (and owner and best pal to a beautiful Golden Retriever), there's nothing I love more than seeing tattoos of people's beloved cats, dogs, and everything else in between.
Just as people choose to get tribute tattoos of family members to honour their loved ones, past and present, I think it's particularly touching when people decide to honour and immortalise their pets on their skin - and the best thing about it is the personal touches that can be added to really encapsulate the individual characteristics and personality of the pet.

True Gent Cartridges have landed! Buy True Gent Cartridges Online Wholesale 0

In the last few years, Cartridges have become an increasingly popular alternative to standard tattoo needles within the tattoo industry, with many artists eagerly switching over to Cartridges after trying them out for the first time.  One of the main benefits of using Cartridges is the efficiency of the set up, and cleaning down process, which is a lot less time consuming for the artist, making life easier!  Cartridges also offer a smoother needle flow with less rigidity than normal needles, allowing for faster retraction promoting a smoother overall motion, producing more precise results.  Although there brilliant tattoo needles out there, Cartridges are fast becoming a preferred tool of choice for tattoo artists, and looking at some of the results produced by Cartridge tattooing, it's clear to see why!  At Magnum Tattoo Supplies, we've recently became the official suppliers of True Gent Premium Cartridges, and we couldn't be more excited!