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MTS Blog — pet tattoos


Celebrate International Dog Day With These Beautiful Dog Tattoos - Buy Critical Power Supplies 0

The 26th August is International Dog Day, and what better way to celebrate such a joyous day than to share some of our favourite dog tattoos?  (As if we needed a reason!).

Pet portraits are a really common theme in tattooing, with adoring owners getting their pets immortalised on them in the form of a tattoo.  Whether it's a realistic piece, or a colourful neo-trad tattoo, pet portraits look great in any style!  We've seen tonnes of gorgeous dog tattoos that really bring out the personality of the pooch, and we can't get enough of them.

Brilliant Bunny Tattoos by Charlotte Ann Harris | Buy the Neutral Grey Set online 0

We love seeing the cute and colourful tattoos that our Sponsored Artist Charlotte Ann Harris creates each week, and we especially love her work because a lot of the subject matter featured in Charlotte’s tattoos are animals. 

Known for her pet portraits, Charlotte’s clients flock to her to commemorate their beloved pets, as they know she'll do an amazing job at capturing their likeness, and making them look as cute and cuddly as possible!  One animal in particular that we love seeing in the form of Charlotte’s tattoos are bunnys.  They’re gorgeous and floppy, and always make for a great tattoo! 

Pawfect Pet Portraits from Charlotte Ann Harris | Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink 0

We're taking a look at some of the beautiful pet portraits done by the incredible Charlotte Ann Harris.  Working from Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour in Birmingham, Charlotte has a knack for creating beautiful pet portraits for her customers, and we can't get enough of them.   

8 Fabulous Pet Portraits! | True Gent Cartridge Supplier 0

A tattoo trend that I'm absolutely crazy about is Pet Portraits! As a lover of animals (and owner and best pal to a beautiful Golden Retriever), there's nothing I love more than seeing tattoos of people's beloved cats, dogs, and everything else in between.
Just as people choose to get tribute tattoos of family members to honour their loved ones, past and present, I think it's particularly touching when people decide to honour and immortalise their pets on their skin - and the best thing about it is the personal touches that can be added to really encapsulate the individual characteristics and personality of the pet.