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DC Tattoos that are too cool! | Wholesale Tattoo Studio Supplies 0

We looked at Marvel tattoos the other day so I thought it only fair that we look at some DC tattoos! There are some pretty awesome ones out there and it's another unique universe that people are a fan of, and get great tribute tattoos to their favourite heroes! Here at MTS we sell wholesale tattoo studio supplies but we also love checking out some great artwork so let's go ahead and do just that!

Respect the Process | Tattoo Equipment Supplier 0

Getting your first tattoo can be an anxiety ridden experience, you know it’s going to hurt, no one likes to be hurt, you know you are putting your skin into the hands of a stranger essentially unless you personally know the tattooist then great! There are tonnes of posts on how to prepare for your tattoo, research the studios, speak to the artists, picking a design you love and one that is achievable, but what is it actually like to sit in the chair and get it done? As a tattoo equipment supplier, we are familiar with the process and want to familiarise you so you know exactly what to expect and hopefully conquer at least some of those first tattoo nerves!

Top Numbing Creams Available - Great Products To Soothe Your New Tattoo 0

Tattoos are great form of self- expression but they can be really painful. D
on’t let this hinder you from going under the needle. There are some brilliant aftercare products that help you ease and soothe the area after your tattoo, and there are also some numbing agents that help take the edge off during the tattoo process. 

Get Hold Of Tattoo Aftercare To Soothe & Heal Your Tattoo 

Starting a Tattoo Shop: Where should you begin? 0

For many years, tattoo arts remain a trendy fashion statement around the globe. It just never goes out of style. Many people are acquiring tattoos and the tattoo industry is steadily on the rise. By doing some researches here and there, opening a tattoo parlour can be a bearable job. Here are some steps to follow in creating a tattoo shop of your own. 



  • Familiarise yourself with the business and acquire proper training. Being a tattoo artist is not really necessary for you to open a tattoo shop. But, a wide understanding about the business is very crucial. If you are a novice tattooist, complete an apprenticeship to ensure that you are properly trained. As a non-practicing shop owner, complete a significant amount of comprehensive research regarding the profession or partner up with an experienced tattooist.
  • Go to the nearest local health, city, or municipal department and find out about tattoo business regulations in your area. You should know the laws relating to tattooing and sanitation, although it may vary depending on your location. Your local governing divisions can also direct you to the proper agencies to obtain more information about applying for any required permits and licenses. 
  • Create a start- up business plan and explore tattoo business software. Your business plan is an important tool and serves as a vision for outlining how much capital is needed to start your tattoo shop, as well as calculating future projections and profit. There are a lot of programs and applications that you can download from the internet to help you create a business plan or you can get assistance from a professional accountant. 
  • Choose a location that has high traffic. Depending on the type of building you choose, you may have to make some improvements or alterations to accommodate your artists and properly equip the facilities, such as plumbing or electrical outlets 
  • Establish an advertising campaign promoting your shop. A strategic marketing is very much needed, especially if you are a beginner, to ensure steady flow of clients. Advertisements such as flyers, social media, TV and radio ads, or even an old-fashioned word of mouth, are great examples of marketing. Plan all of this at least 30 days before opening your shop. 

Opening the Tattoo Shop 

  • Finish and decorate certain areas of the shop. Purchase and install necessary furnishings to accommodate your artists and clients. Work areas need reclining chairs, just like a dentist’s. Lighted tracing tables, supply carts, and large mirrors are also needed. Reception areas, on the other hand, need a counter or desk, chairs, couches, and shelves for display. 
  • Purchase all required equipment and supplies. Before opening the shop, make sure you are well stocked with all the supplies, materials and equipment needed to properly and efficiently function. Tattooing equipment and supplies typically include an autoclave for sanitising instruments, tattooing machines, needles, ink, paper towels, plastic spray bottles and plastic or latex gloves. Office equipment might include a computer, adding machine, telephones and printers. 
  • Lastly, hire professional artists to sufficiently staff your studio. The number of artists needed depends on how big your shop is and how much clientele you expect to generate. Prior to opening the shop, evaluate your target clients, prepare hiring staff, and enough professionally trained tattoo artists. 

Tattoo Tools: Autoclavable or Disposable? 0

Being a tattoo artist means being responsible for your client’s safety and satisfaction. One of the things a tattoo artist considers before starting their own tattoo business is whether to use autoclavable tools or disposable ones. Tattoo tubes, tips and grips are essential components in every tattoo artist's toolkit, so it's important to choose carefully and pick supplies that are economical without sacrificing quality.

 Pros and Cons of Autoclavable and Disposable Tattoo Tubes, Tips and Grips
Once you know all the pros and cons, you will have a better idea on whether to choose disposable or autoclavable tips, tubes and grips.

When purchasing disposable types, everything comes in a package, including the grip, tube, and tip. On the other hand, autoclavable tools are often sold separately. Buying tools separately might sound like a burden, but it can actually be a beneficial. There are actually several benefits in purchasing reusable tattoo grips, tips and tubes separately that may outweigh the convenience of all-in-one disposable units. The difference between an autoclave and disposable type are pointed out below.

  • Minimal Equipment Needed 
You need a minimum of one disposable tattoo tube/ tip/ grip unit for each tattoo you create--sometimes two or more, if you need tubes with different style tips for filling, line work, etc., on the same tattoo--but that isn't the case with autoclavable units.
Since they're reusable, you can use one set to ink an almost infinite number of tattoos. This means that you will need to have a couple sets on hand so you can have one running through an autoclave, while using another to tattoo your client. However, you wouldn’t need to buy more than you already have for each style. Since there are autoclavable tube-tip units available, you can consolidate some of the parts needed by purchasing those elements in combo units, as desired. Another option is to buy combo grips that contain three components in one unit, that is, if you prefer using an autoclavable all-in-one set.

  • The Cost Factor 
Autoclavable tools may be a bit pricier, than the disposables. However, choosing autoclavable may save you money in the longer run. Disposable units can only be used once then thrown away, which means you will be spending money over and over again. But you don’t have to pay for just these, you’ll also have to pay for the tattoo needles, grip covers or wraps, clip cord covers, gloves, tattoo ink, and all the other tattoo supplies you need to do your job
Autoclavable tubes, tips and grips will pay for themselves after just a few sessions, and then your only ongoing cost is the cost to clean and sterilize them in between uses.

  • Customizability 
Customizability is a big difference of the two types. Choosing a disposable tattoo tube-tip-grip unit, the only modification you can do is to wrap your grip with cohesive tape to pad it. Granted that there are so many different styles of tattoo tip-grip-tube units available that you can easily find one that fits your hand well. But, the tubes and tips are fixed parts, so you can’t combine parts to suit your preference like you can with autoclavable tools. Separate autoclavable components allow you to mix your preferred grip with the best style of tattoo tube and tip to get the best combination of tools for a particular type of tattoo work, such as filling versus line work.

Before you start narrowing down your options, you need to know what your choices are as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each option. I hope the comparison I've shared above helps you determine which one will work best for you.