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MTS Blog — tattoo tips


DC Tattoos that are too cool! | Wholesale Tattoo Studio Supplies 0

We looked at Marvel tattoos the other day so I thought it only fair that we look at some DC tattoos! There are some pretty awesome ones out there and it's another unique universe that people are a fan of, and get great tribute tattoos to their favourite heroes! Here at MTS we sell wholesale tattoo studio supplies but we also love checking out some great artwork so let's go ahead and do just that!

Tattoos on your Wedding Day? | Wholesale Tattoo Machines 0

I read an article the other day about people getting tattoos to commemorate their wedding day, which is a cute idea but it reminded me of other conversations I have had about tattoos and weddings. When I first started getting tattoos and my mum was wholly for the idea she used to say "what will they look like in a wedding dress?", so this article reminded me of that question and that's what I'm going to talk about today! As a company that sells wholesale tattoo machines we like to talk about what they are used for, so the question today is "will you regret your tattoo on your wedding day?

What do your parents think? | New Tattoo Care 0

I came across an article recently in The Guardian written by a mother who was heartbroken about her son getting a tattoo. This got me thinking, I understand that there are still people out there who don’t approve or like tattoos, but I still find it difficult to comprehend. Now as I have said before my mum wasn’t exactly a fan of tattoos when I first started getting them, she has since changed her attitude after learning more about them and now has tattoos herself. There were a few things that stood out to me in this article, some things that the mother said that I wanted to talk about, something that the son I think could have done differently and attitudes to tattoos from our parents. “What do your parents think?” is such a common question for heavily tattooed people so let’s take that apart a little bit. We talk about new tattoo care here but what about the people they care about and their impressions of our tattoos?

Do you really want to hurt me? | Wholesale Tattoo Needles 0

As I have said I am currently in the middle of getting an Edgar Allan Poe chest piece, it started with one of the most painful tattoos I have ever gotten, a portrait of the poet himself. I got this on the right side of my chest and 6 months later I added another tattoo of a ship in the same place but on the left side and it barely hurt at all. Tattoos hurt, that’s just a fact of life and the pain of a tattoo can be weirdly addictive, but sometimes it can just be unbearable. Why was the portrait so much more painful for me than the ship? Well, there are little things you can do that significantly reduce how painful your tattoo is to endure and that’s what I’m going to talk about today because here at MTS we sell wholesale tattoo needles and we want to make sure that those needles inflict as little pain as possible. Saying this it is important to note that we all have different levels of pain tolerance and a tattoo will never be completely pain-free unless you are under local or general anaesthetic but that’s just not common practice, so let's see what we can do to help ourselves.

Important Tattoo Medical Supplies to Store 0

It's important to keep your tattoo shop stocked with all the tattoo medical supplies needed to prep and modify clients--things like antiseptics, skin cleansers, tattoo bandages, and disinfectants. 

Read through the sections below to compare your options within each product category 

Autoclaves & Autoclave Supplies 

An autoclave steam steriliser is the single most effective tool for sterilising reusable tattoo supplies like steel grips and tattoo tubes. You'll be able to sterilise larger batches of tools faster and more thoroughly with an autoclave than you could with chemical baths or other sterilisation alternatives. 

There are several types of autoclave accessories in store to keep on hand to get the most out of your steam steriliser. Every tool you sterilise will need to be bagged separately before being autoclaved, so it's a good idea to stock up on sterilisation pouches and nylon tubing in a variety of sizes. A heat sealer is also needed to seal your autoclave bags, steam sterilization integrators that clearly show when your tools have been fully sterilised, a reliable autoclave cleaner you can use to clean your steriliser regularly, and spore testing kits so you can periodically test your machine to make sure it's operating optimally. 



Tattoo tools have to be thoroughly cleaned before they're autoclaved, and a variety of tools are readily available to simplify the cleaning process.  

An autoclave can be a huge time saver for a busy shop. Without an autoclave, you have to hand-scrub all of your reusable tattoo tools, soak them in disinfectant and lubricate them before you sterilise them. If you're interested in shortening the clean-up process in between clients so you can tattoo more people in a day, you need an ultrasonic cleaner.  


Tattoo Cleaners, Disinfectants & Bio-Hazard Containers 

It's highly critical that you maintain a sterile work environment to keep your clients safe and make them feel secure when they get tattooed in your shop. To keep surfaces sterilised throughout your shop, you'll need an assortment of disinfecting cleaning products. You should also make biohazard containers easily accessible to your tattoo artists so that they can properly dispose of used tattoo needles, other sharps, and contaminated protective gear, like used tattoo machine bags.  


Tattoo Covers & Protective Gear 

In your efforts to maintain a sterile work environment within your tattoo shop, you should bag all reusable tattoo tools that can't be autoclaved, like tattoo machines and clip cords. Additionally, it's important that your tattoo artists wear medical gloves while tattooing, and that they change them at appropriate intervals. Some artists also like to cover more of themselves, for their health, to prevent cross-contamination and to protect their clothing. 

For tattoo gloves, choose from latex and nitrile gloves in a variety of sizes and styles from brands like Defend, Aurelia, Black Dragon, Midknight, Ultraform, and more. 

When you're tattooing a client's face or neck, it's best to wear a face mask. These surgical face masks come in boxes of 50 and have ear loops to hold them in place. 

Antiseptics, Skin Cleansers & Other Skin Prep Products 

Before tattooing a client and after applying any topical anaesthetic requested, you have to perform surgical skin prep. This process requires washing the skin with an appropriate skin cleanser, and then applying a CDC-approved antiseptic. Make sure your client isn't allergic to any of the skin prep products you're planning to use. Some people have iodine allergies while others have sensitivities to fragranced soaps, so it's important to talk to your clients about the tattooing process and products you use before you begin 

Top brands like Intenze, Green Soap, Tattoo One, Tattoo Goo, and H2Ocean are just some of the well- known skin cleaners that are being used by tattoo artists, as well as surgical-grade antiseptics like alcohol pads and providone iodine swabs. 

Tattoo Styles Guide for Newbies 0

Tattooing has been around for centuries, and it's only natural that tattoo styles have evolved over time. From traditional style tattoos to modern variations like the geometric tattoo style, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Read more about different tattoo styles today